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IRS and Democrats deceive the country

IRS and Democrats deceive the country. This past week has provided entertaining drama and comedy in the way of congressional hearings. IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen brought a smarmy smile and a fogged memory to the hearings before the House Oversight and House Ways and Means Committees. For someone who was appointed to improve the process and expose the corruption at the agency, Koskinen isn’t the man for the job. Though, he does have Democrat ingratiating hubris.

Koskinen previously testified in April to the Oversight Committee that he would submit all e-mail correspondence of Lois Lerner back in March of this year. Lerner is the primary IRS figure under investigation and suspected of illegally harassing and intimidating conservative groups. The groups were applying for tax exempt status. The committee requested her e-mails dating back to 2011.

Two weeks ago, the IRS informed the committee all of Lerner’s hard drive crashed eliminating her e-mails. Koskinen knew at the time when he was asked in March to forward those e-mails. He was absolutely incensed when Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan scolded him, saying, “I don’t believe you…Nobody believes you.”

The whole affair is laughable and insulting to Americans considering all the demands the IRS requires of taxpayers while being audited. Lerner claims her hard drive crashed along with six other IRS employees. Congressman Ryan is correct that nobody believes them. In fact, 75% of Americans feel the data was intentionally tampered. Government Archivist, David Ferrriero testified to the Oversight Committee after Koskinen saying the IRS didn’t follow the law by not reporting the missing data. Koskinen claims the IRS runs on antiquated computer equipment, like we’re supposed to believe the agency still uses floppy disks and MSDOS.

Koskinen continued to play dumb stating there is no evidence of wrongdoing. To which South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy scolded him, if he knew the statutes and the law. Koskinen smugly replied he gave up practicing law for Lent 40 years ago. Gowdy snapped back saying; he’s hiding evidence that’s why he didn’t know the statute. Koskinen did clarify that the Democrat myth of harassment did not begin with two rogue agents in Cincinnati.

It’s a scary scenario when bureaucrats infringe on the lives of taxpayers. Democrats insist the White House had nothing to do with the IRS harassment. Republicans haven’t accused the White House of anything. They just want the truth. Koskinen has more to worry about than giving up indulgences for Lent. He has Confession and Judgement Day to encounter. The Almighty is merciful but he forbids lying and bearing false witness.

Final Thought: Don’t criticize the soccer fans. They’re yearning for something positive to cheer about in this country.

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