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IRS agrees to Atheists' demands to monitor churches

In a blatantly illegal, speech-trampling attack on free religious exercise, the IRS agreed this week to appease the hysterical, constitutionally-illiterate bigots at Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) with the new practice of scrutinizing and monitoring pastors in churches all across the country, to harass and intimidate them into silence on core Christian issues like gay marriage, abortion, and the left's illegal contraceptive mandate...through the tyrannical threat of revoking their tax-exempt status.

Former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner exercises her Fifth Amendment right not to speak about the IRS targeting investigation before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Yes, the same corrupt, ultra-partisan IRS office that was used by Democrats to hinder and shut down conservatives during Election 2012 will now be responsible for determining whether or not to bankrupt and destroy churches any time any pastor makes a non-Democrat-approved comment.

Never mind the fact that a pastor including one brief comment in his sermon about a political issue important to Christians in no way suddenly renders his entire church a partisan political organization...especially not by the completely non-existent standard to which flagrantly biased DNC propaganda mills like Media Matters are held (not to mention, every 'non-partisan' left-wing activist group from the ACLU, to Planned Parenthood, to the National Education Association, which all openly coordinate with Democrats on partisan objectives at every turn, with total impunity).

And never mind the fact that there is no such thing as a "separation of church and state" mentioned or even implied anywhere in the Constitution (the 1st Amendment is a protection of the States and the individual against the Federal Government, and the Establishment Clause is a protection against the creation of a national religion). There is absolutely zero authority under the Constitution for any federal office to have any involvement whatsoever in what local pastors choose to say to their congregations.

This is such an egregious and obscene violation of everything the Founding Fathers put in place that the Constitution might as well not even exist at this point. This latest manifestation of the left's endless war on all things white, male, Christian, and American merely further confirms that their absurd, time-disproven liberal ideas cannot compete on a level playing field...hence the constant need to silence dissent and intimidate free speech.

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