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Irresponsible pet owners in Point Defiance Park

Irresponsible pet owners in Point Defiance Park
Irresponsible pet owners in Point Defiance Park
Heather Marseillan

While wandering through Point Defiance Park with your leashed dog you will likely come across a slew of dogs running loose through the park with their owners. This is despite multiple signs indicating that a lease is required in all areas of the park with exception to the designated off leash area. The off leash areas and leash laws are in place for a reason and in order to be respectful of other pet owners you should abide by these.

Of course it is completely understood that your dog that you have let run around unleashed may be a well behaved dog that doesn’t wish to harm anyone or anything, but what about the leashed dogs that are not dog friendly. If you are a dog owner who is allowing your well behaved dog to run through the trails and park unleashed you are now creating a potentially serious issue for your dog and other dogs in the area. What do you think will happen if your dog runs up on a leashed dog that is not dog friendly? You may have just caused your dog, the other dog and possibly people harm.

Some people will hear this and immediately state that the dogs that are not dog friendly should simply not be brought to the park or taken on the trails. What I want you to think about is how fair that is to the dog. It might not be the dogs fault and keeping it away from the parks and trails will only worsen the situation and issue for the non dog friendly dog. These dogs need to be able to experience being around and exposed to other dogs in a safe way.

Allowing your dog to run around unleashed in areas that are not designated for that ruins the experience in the park for everyone. Be respectful of other people. Don’t put you and your dog at risk. Above all, follow the laws, they were put in place for a reason.

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