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Irrelevant no more- Succop shines in NFL

Mr. Irrelevant- the name given to the player chosen with the final pick in the NFL draft.  It sounds like an insult, but it actually has its perks.  Mr. Irrelevant gets a neat kitsch jersey with the number 256 on the back of it.  He gets a vacation in California sponsored by some rich guy who feels bad for the last man in the draft.  He gets the chance to play for an NFL team.  Doesn't seem all that bad, huh?

Well, it's not.

Last year, South Carolina's outstanding kicker Ryan Succop was given the honor of being selected dead last in the draft by the Kansas City Chiefs.  He was one of just two kickers selected.  Succop has a huge leg and is more than capable of handling kickoffs, field goals, and extra points.  He arrived in Kansas City, beat out incumbent Connor Barth for the starting job, and has quietly had a great rookie season for a terrible team.  He put a cherry on top today by kicking the overtime field goal that gave the Chiefs their huge overtime victory against the defending Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

So, good for you Ryan Succop.  You're no longer even a little bit irrelevant.  In fact, there's going to be just one NFL rookie getting more TV time than you today: Matthew Stafford, who was picked 255 spots in front of you.  Good work, fellow Gamecock.