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Irrelevant: Israel and just about everyone ignores Obama

Barack Obama being ignored
Barack Obama being ignored
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A good reason for President Obama to take a long vacation is that he is being ignored. His incessant blather has fallen on deaf ears. Now, that doesn’t mean that Israel won’t request a resupply of ammunition from the U.S. to sustain its war efforts. Who in the world are ignoring President Obama as Michael Goodwin reports in the New York Post today?

Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama listening
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1. Vladimir Putin ignores President Obama as he parried away sanctions and threats.

2. Syria ignored President Obama as Bashar al Assad is still in power.

3. Iran has found no reason to pay attention to President Obama as he is a faithful and productive negotiator.

4. Afghanistan has always ignored President Obama.

5. Iraq is too busy fighting for its life to be bothered by President Obama.

6. Congress continues to ignore President Obama as neither party want a thing to do with him.

7. Democrats ignore his emails.

“Obama bombs with Mideast meddling

By Michael Goodwin
Published July 30, 2014
New York Post

President Obama found numerous ways to make the United States less relevant in the last six years, but he came up with a new one in his misbegotten foray into the Gaza war: He’s so wrong that even Israel feels it’s safe to ignore him.

The decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reject Obama’s pressure for a unilateral cease-fire and instead widen the campaign against Hamas reflects a new low in the Obama presidency.

More important, it is impossible to argue with Netanyahu’s decision.”

President Obama’s failed foreign policy is enough to sink his presidency. Calls for impeachment over his writing executive orders is the wrong path. Addressing his willful neglect to enforce American immigration laws, and his undermining American national security by negotiating with terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism ought to bring out the impeachers.

The only thing preventing impeachment in earnest is that everyone knows that this action would make American even weaker than it appears. The best course is for members of Congress to get a grip by collaborating on important legislation. Focus on foreign policy and rein in errant Secretary of State John Kerry.

Obama’s credibility and competence are given very low regard by American voters. However, inability by Congress to accomplish anything undermines their value on equal merit, or lack thereof.

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