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Irrational Games hires cosplayer Anna Moleva to be face of 'Bioshock: Infinite'

Gamers waiting patiently for the release of "Bioshock: Infinite" got a nice dose of eye candy yesterday, Dec. 2, when it was announced that Russian cosplayer, Anna Moleva, was to become the face of the franchise's latest installment.

Laura Cranson 25, from Glasgow poses as Moltres from Pokemon
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A long-time member of the cosplay community and a dead ringer for the character of Elizabeth, Moleva, better known on the web as Orlemi, has garnered praise for her tasteful, professional-looking game photos. The deal from Irrational, however, has turned her into a cosplay pro as she'll pose for upcoming box art for the game. No doubt Irrational is hoping Moleva's addition will help ease the controversy surrounding the game's previously released box art (people think it's boring as can be).

While gamers across the world are excited by the addition of a tangible spokesperson for the game, the news yesterday must be taken in conjunction with "Bioshock: Infinite" lead designer Ken Levine's previous statements concerning the gaming community's preoccupation with Elizabeth's measurements.

"It's disappointing when [Elizabeth's appearance] becomes a focus for conversation because that was never my intent and it's sort of a disincentive," Levine told OXM back in January. "I'd much rather talk about what she's going through as a person, but whatever, they have the right to shout out whatever they want."

While Levine seems thrilled with the decision - the blog announcement was posted under his name, and the exclamation points fly liberally - there is no telling how the addition of a real life woman to help flesh out the game's marketing program has impacted his desire to focus on Elizabeth's character.

Now, because we know you can't get enough of cosplay, are 20 shots of some of our favorite examples of sartorial shenanigans.