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IRP6 supporter blasts U.S. AG Holder over imprisoned Christian executives

IRP6 supporter blasts U.S. AG Holder over imprisoned Christian executives
IRP6 supporter blasts U.S. AG Holder over imprisoned Christian executives
(Photo by A Just Cause)

In September, the Paulding County Republican Examiner reported on a case where over twenty FBI agents raided an 18 employee black-owned company, IRP Solutions, in Colorado Springs, Colorado on February 9, 2005 and arrested six Christian executives on suspicion of “purported” software, wire and mail fraud.

While the men sit in prison, waiting on appeals and other legal motions, Jay Arrington, a supporter of the IRP6, penned an open letter on Monday to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder blasting him for the injustice of government corruption and ignoring the imprisoned Christian executives.

The six IT professionals, dubbed the IRP6, five black and one white, two who are military veterans, developed law enforcement software with their company, IRP Solutions, which would aid local, state, and federal agencies in sharing information after the 9/11/2001 Islamic terrorist attacks.

Their crime? They incurred debt and the government accused them of never having the software to begin with although the software was profiled on the technology website.

Arrington decided enough was enough and told Holder in his open letter:

“Enough with the niceties and eating with the correct fork, it is time we got some grease on our hands. Hell, seeing that we are being fed a pile of crap we should at least be allowed to consume it in a way that makes it palatable, although I doubt that it ever will be. Have you ever heard of the IRP6 bro? No? Well, they are, Clinton Stewart, Demetrius Harper, David Banks, David Zirpolo, Kendrick Barnes and Gary Walker, six men wrongly convicted of fraud by your justice department bro,” Arrington said.

“The convictions of these men not only represent authority inherently illegitimate, they also represent the households of six families who for the next 7-11-years will have six empty chairs around their holiday tables -six families without sons, brothers, and, husbands, and more importantly, fathers. Imagine that bro, can you?”

Arrington went on to say, “I have noticed that ever since assuming the mantle as America’s number one sheriff, you have been tireless in your pronouncements and condemnations against injustice, in particular sentencing disparities and prosecutorial misconduct. Hmmm, prosecutorial misconduct, that one sounds familiar.”

Arrington also lays out several points that Holder appears to be ignoring.

“Bottom line Mr. Attorney General is this, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a legal scholar to recognize a steaming pile, or when something is rotten, sometimes all it takes is the smell. It’s time you made this right Mr. Attorney General and dismantled the authority that committed this prosecutorial injustice,” said Arrington.

“Remember what you said sir about cases being handled fairly and consistent with your department’s commitment to justice and, if nothing else sir, think about those six empty chairs.”

The complete open letter by Arrington can found at the MarylandDailyExaminer.

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