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Irony: Chinese complaining about American food safety

China had better clean up its own food quality problems before complaining about Western companies.
China had better clean up its own food quality problems before complaining about Western companies.
Zscout370/Wikimedia Commons

This is almost laughable—China, the country where lead and other contaminants are so frequently found in food, including that which is exported to the United States and other nations, is complaining about the quality of food supplied by U.S. companies. (See this article, ) The supplier at fault, for using meat that has been found in some cases up to a year beyond expiry dates, is Shanghai Husi Food Company, owned by OSI Group, an American firm. KFC, Pizza Hut (both owned by Yum Brands food company) and McDonald’s are involved in this, as they are recipients of the expired meat, and are being targeted by the Chinese government. Shanghai Husi has been put under suspension, and the public are reacting with outrage over this scandal.

Funny how quickly the Chinese people and their government forget when the shoe was on the other foot. How many Americans were sickened by tainted food imported from the People’s Republic? What about their own scandals over contaminated milk? Then there was the Walmart recall of donkey meat (yes, that's right) found to actually contain fox meat (which would be considered worse?). This is something they’re not talking about now, of course!

How many animals were killed by contaminated pet food from China? How often have Americans protested over the accepted practices in China of killing dogs and cats for meat? In a lot of instances family pet dogs are slaughtered right in their homes by government workers because they consider this a western bourgeois habit to have a dog in the first place. Of course, human life is also of little value to this communist regime, when they are not allowing their citizens to have more than one child. Enforced abortion is the norm and many female infants are killed at birth, as well, so a couple may try again for a boy. Female children are considered far less valuable, especially in the rural areas where boys are found more useful for farming.

As of last year, the USDA has been permitting the importation of fully-processed chicken from China ( ), which undermines American agriculture. Never mind that there are pesticides, arsenic, and numerous other dangerous substances routinely found in Chinese imports for human and animal consumption that would never be permitted in our own system, according to an article by Rick Weiss in the Washington Post ( ). The Chinese are taking umbrage at American imports that are being reprocessed by their own plants, run by their own people, and sold as safe for use. Perhaps they ought to take a look at their own safety regulations and practices in these processing plants. Being owned by an American parent firm is no guarantee that our style of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)--the principles of any U.S. manufacturer--are being utilized. Are they simply looking at someone to blame for their own pathetic methods?

It sounds much more as if the plants in question are using the procedures they have learned at home. It is not a given, of course, what with all the salmonella outbreaks and other health concerns in American food processing plants that everything over here is perfect. Yet it is highly hypocritical of the Chinese to make accusations concerning the U.S. companies that are being supplied with food from China which is being re-supplied to the plants there. They have the audacity, then, to criticize the U.S. when they are, themselves, doing things in a way which would, no doubt, not raise an eyebrow if the companies were nationalized.

China can complain all it likes about these food processors. As the saying goes, follow the money trail to see where things come from. In this case, it’s not just money but the food itself. The chicken is not being handled (including allegedly picked up off dirty floors and tossed in with “clean” food) by Americans in America, and doesn’t even originate in the United States. Look in the mirror, China, and quit pointing fingers at every place but where the blame truly lies.

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