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Ironman Wisconsin - meet your mate on the course?


Your Ironman finish could be celebrated in Vegas!

Ironman is tough.  It requires months of tireless training and much sacrifice.  Over 2,600 athletes have neglected friendships, relationships, and social outings for the past six or so months,  so you may find that your social life is a bit slow right now.   If you would rather spend your time reading slowtwitch posts than going on a date, you'll need some assistance  to reconnect with others.

If you haven't found that special someone yet, Ironman weekend could be your chance at finally finding true love. You may have never considered that your best match may be right in front of you, right beside you, right behind you, or simply passed out in the gutter needing assistance.

On Sunday, potential mates will be everywhere, and like good beer goggles, dehydration may help you find many more attractive triathlete matches than you ever thought possible.

But, what do you say to that potential mate?  How do you spark up a conversation in the middle of a race? 

We can help.  We asked Ironman alums from Chicago for some tips on just how to pick up your new soul mate.  These are their top 10 Ironman Wisconsin pick up lines.  We don't guarantee success, but we do guarantee a good laugh if your love interest can muster up the energy to smile:

10. That wetsuit is so slimming!

9. Great swim - do you need any help with your Assos cream? 

8. Aw, this is nothing - you should climb MY Mt. Horeb.

7. I have Wisconsin cheese stick in my special needs bag.  Would you like a bite?  It's a good source of protein!

6. Oh yeah, this is really me.  Spandex doesn't lie.

5. Spandex and Gu.  Insert your own pick up line here.   We couldn't do it.

4. You, me, my leftover Hammer Gel - 12:01am - Monona Terrace.  Be there. Oh, yeah, can you bring some ice?

3. Those salt stripes, vomit on your face, eyes rolled back in your head make you look SO hot!

2. Would you like to visit my cave and the mounds?


1. This isn't the only thing I can do for 14 hours!

Seriously, best of luck to all the amazing athletes competing on Sunday in Ironman Wisconsin.  Follow the race live at .