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‘Ironman’ joins Twitter

Robert Downey Jr. sent his frist Tweet Friday.
Robert Downey Jr. Twitter

Robert Downey Jr. can now add social media icon to his resume after award winning actor, producer, musician and of course superhero. The “Ironman” star joined Twitter Friday to the delight of fans around the globe.

His Twitter bio has no description but instead states “You know who I am.” No further explanation is needed.

One of Hollywood’s most beloved reformed actors, Downey has starred in both critically acclaimed and blockbuster films throughout his career including “Less Than Zero”, “Chaplin” and the “Ironman” and “Sherlock Holmes” series. His battles with drugs and alcohol that resulted in numerous stays in rehab and a prison sentence and his rise back to superstardom have only endured him to his fans; everyone loves a comeback.

A brief introduction from friend and colleague Jon Favreau made the announcement to the Twitterverse on Friday. “You wanted him, you got him. Ladies and gentlemen give a big #FF to @RobertDowneyJr #chef” Downey costars in Favreau’s new movie “Chef” which is due out in theatres May 9; the story of a chef who opens a food truck after losing his restaurant job.

Downey’s first tweet reads “Talk to me, Twitter.” and is accompanied by a picture of him in dark sunglasses holding a handwritten sign with his verified Twitter handle. The Twitterverse has responded with an overwhelming 600,000 followers in his first seven hours on the social media platform.

Downey himself is following a select few, to date only 37 accounts. His famous friends, costars, a few promotional accounts and San Francisco based Bacon Bacon food truck round out the list.

Already a star on Facebook with nearly 15 million likes, much is expected from Robert Downey Jr. on Twitter. Although he has already demonstrated his lack of Twitter etiquette with his second tweet. “Loving all the love, folks. It’s been a blast. Though can someone please explain how anyone can keep their thoughts to 140 characters or le

Welcome to Twitter Robert Downey Jr. and watch for him in the next “Avengers” movie currently filming and a third installment of “Sherlock Holmes” in the works.

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