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'Iron Sky' Trailer HD

Someday, ten or thirty or fifty years from now, the political climate of the '08 and '12 presidential elections will probably look...dramatic. For now, we can rely on sci-fi parodies to immortalize the infamous figures of our time.

"Iron Sky"...and also, Sarah Palin
Blind Spot Pictures Oy, 2012

"Iron Sky" starts out looking like a Michael Bay movie, or at least a poor man's version of "The Avengers." But it quickly spirals into comedy territory with the introduction of - and I am serious about this - Nazis, planetary invasions, and an unmistakable characterization of Sarah Palin.

You would think that producers and directors would stop insulting our intelligence, especially after fiascoes like "The Last Airbender" or "Robin Hood" back in 2010. But maybe we should give this one a shot. Maybe the satire of it all (if that's in the fact the point) will make the whole experience less like pain and more like...painful laughter. I guess we'll have to see. If you've seen the movie already, let us know what you think. If you haven't, check out the trailer.


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