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Iron Savior interview: Piet Sielck talks 'Rise of the Hero', humble beginnings

Iron Savior frontman, Piet Sielck is far more than the founder, guitarist, vocalist, producer and songwriter for one of Germany’s notable power metal leaders, he is something of a quiet icon of the genre. Last month, Iron Savior released its eighth studio album, “Rise of the Hero” which is perhaps a metaphor for Sielck’s own recent past.

Iron Savior frontman sounds off
AFM Records

Piet and guitarist/vocalist Kai Hansen began the journey together in the band, Gentry in 1978. Legend is told of the two giving away free bags of potato chips at a battle of the bands gig in their earliest days. Hansen would go on to form Helloween with Michael Weikath in 1983. Sielck would move behind the soundboard to begin a production career that found its seeds germinated in he and Hansen’s early attempts at developing multi-tracking years before the equipment became available. Sielck tells this story in the interview below.

Hansen and Sielck would later reunite when the latter produced the debut album, “Heading For Tomorrow” for Kai’s new band, Gamma Ray. Piet shares in this interview that the title of the new Gamma Ray album, “Empire of the Undead” is taken from a song they wrote together in the early years of their friendship.

In 1996, Sielck founded Iron Savior with his old pal, Hansen who would appear on the band’s first two albums, primarily as guitarist. Blind Guardian drummer Thomas Stauch was a member of the initial incarnation as well. Sielck would later do production work for Blind Guardian and join Stauch in his new band Savage Circus in 2004.

In recent years, Sielck saw the record label he was partners in go belly up, and his partners leaving him to deal with the fall out. He found his disenchantment growing to the point that he considered leaving the music business. When AFM Records reached out to Sielck about recording a new Iron Savior album he was initially reticent but ultimately decided he still had the desire to make metal. He stepped down from Savage Circus to focus on 2007′s “The Landing“, his most personal and emotional Iron Savior album to date. With “Rise of the Hero“, Sielck’s story seems to have come full circle, and the new album finds him making some of the most impressive music of his storied career.

Check out the full interview above as Piet discusses the new record, his early beginnings, the trials and tribulations that nearly led to his quitting the business, and the pressure of wearing so many hats in the band. He also shares the albums that changed his life.

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