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'Iron Man 3' first trailer - And you thought Tony Stark had bad days before

Marvel's Phase 1 is over, and as promised we now have our first look at Phase 2.

First batch of stills from Iron Man 3
First batch of stills from Iron Man 3
Marvel Studios
What shall I wear to the ball tonight?
Marvel Studios

After a host of new photos and even a teaser for the teaser over the weekend, Marvel finally unveiled the first trailer for the third installment (or fourth, if you count The Avengers) of the cinematic exploits of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

As expected for a teaser, there are plenty of images with too little context to guess their significance, including shots of the star-spangled Iron Patriot armor, close-ups of Guy Pearce, and Tony's new armor coming to life and menacing him and Pepper in bed. Plus we get a few cryptic easter eggs (why does the Mandarin have a Captain America tattoo on his neck? What's with the giant bunny in the background when the penthouse blows up?)

But one thing is clear: Tony Stark has never been quite so boned. Even with the aid of his sweet new Extremis armor, he still has to deal with Pepper getting kidnapped, his Hall of Armors getting exploded, and some nasty helicopters shooting missiles at his beautiful Malibu penthouse in the trailer's big money shot, all while Ben Kingsley's diabolical Mandarin oversees the mayhem and declares, "Heroes, there's no such thing." And is that a pair of folded hands adorned with ten magic rings I see?

The only thing missing from the trailer is the merest hint of levity. From the very first moments, the preview suggests a much darker tone than the previous two adventurous installments. With Marvel swapping out Jon Favreau for Shane Black in the director's chair, there's sure to be no shortage of humor in the film, and remember that as fun as the earlier Lethal Weapon movies were, they could get real dark in a snap. Rather the trailer seems to invoke the feel of The Dark Knight Rises, with the snowy vistas, Ben Kingsley sounding very Bane-ish over shots of the hero getting beaten down to his lowest point yet, with the somber action ending with a quiet shot of Tony trudging through the snow dragging his armor behind him.

Iron Man 3, starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, and Ben Kingsley, is slated for release May 3, 2013.