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Iron Maiden & Dream Theater have liftoff in Denver during The Final Frontier World Tour

In a sea of pale faces and Iron Maiden T-shirts as far as the eye could see, Iron Maiden took their positions with fellow troopers of the Maiden Army for a long-awaited performance.

Bruce Dickenson -- Iron Maiden
Brandon Marshall Photography

On June 14th, 2010, Dream Theater took the stage as John Petrucci opened with a potent intro causing fans to explode in a roar of satisfaction.

With fists thrown in the air, James LaBrie demonstrated his vocal mastery and personage as he belted out 'As I Am.' The set was followed by 'A Rite of Passage,' 'Home,' 'Constant Motion,' 'Panic Attack' and the all-time favorite, 'Pull Me Under.'

Dream Theater delivered a high-octane performance for Denver, and when the set allowed for it Petrucci and Myung moved around the stage showing their playful side with each other.

Mike Portnoy illustrated his energetic attitude and playfulness with the crowd, bringing them into the music with him. Portnoy owns those drums! Wow!

It takes a higher level of musicianship to share the stage with Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater is at that level!

At around 8:30 p.m., Iron Maiden took the stage, set with a space theme with backdrops of 'Edward the Great' throughout his many years. There were no pyrotechs as there was also no need for them. Iron Maiden has enough energy to ignite the crowd into a fiery frenzy.

Iron Maiden's set list was mainly from their last three albums, along with some classics like 'The Number Of The Beast.' Although I heard people in the crowd's displeasing thoughts about the set list, I was quite pleased with it ... but then Iron Maiden could play a set of Motown hits and I would dig it. IT'S IRON MAIDEN, FOLKS!

As Bruce Dickenson stated, "With all that's going on in the world right now, it's great to come together on a night and listen to some heavy metal!!! If the World leader's were just Metal Heads, they would sit back, relax and listen to some Iron Maiden!!!"

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  • Maiden Maid 5 years ago

    Were you really there? They didn't play Run to the Hills.

  • John McLaughlin 5 years ago

    Definitely no 'Run To The Hills'. Great show though.

  • CinnSity 5 years ago

    @Maiden Maid....yes, i was didn't look through the pics? I DID however have 'Run To The Hills' confused with 'Number Of The Beast' was a longgggg night!

  • Sonic 5 years ago

    Great review and what a good show. Missed most of Dream Theatre though :(

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