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‘Iron Lion Zion’ from Santana’s ‘Corazon’ album features Ziggy Marley

On Wednesday Santana released his third single, now available on iTunes, from his upcoming album Corazon out May 6. “Iron Lion Zion” was originally performed by Bob Marley & the Wailers, and released in 1992, 10 years after Marley's death.

Ziggy Marley
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Now in 2014, his son Ziggy Marley is Santana’s featured guest artist, along with the Colombian funk trio ChocQuib Town.

This extraordinary remake remains true to the '70s upbeat rhythm and tempo in the original, yet you can distinctly hear Santana’s unique style of playing that’s undeniable. Santana does a fine job of replacing the saxophone solo heard in the ‘70s version with his own brilliant guitar.

Bob Marley wrote “Iron Lion Zion” sometime in 1973/1974. It ended up becoming an incomplete track, until it was later discovered when someone played a cassette that happened to have the song on it. In the lyrics, it clearly reflects his Rastafarian beliefs.

Zion refers to the promised land of Ethiopia. Lion is the symbol on the Ethiopian flag, and Haile Selassie I, a former Ethiopian emperor, Rastas regard as their Messiah.

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