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Iron deficiency in pregnancy

Iron deficiency can be a major cause of fatigue, causing that “I can’t get off the couch” feeling. Women -- pregnant or not -- are very susceptible to iron deficiency. In pregnancy, a woman’s iron needs double, so it is important to have healthy iron levels to prepare for pregnancy.

To increase your iron levels, supplement it if you are deficient, and if you are within healthy iron range, try to eat two servings of iron-rich foods per day. Foods that are iron-rich include liver, beef, black strap molasses, spinach, pumpkin seeds, bran, romaine lettuce, chicken, red kidney beans, pork, clams, oysters, dried apricots, and swiss chard.

If you don’t know what your iron levels are -- find out! Making sure your body has the iron it needs will support you, and if you are pregnant or preparing for pregnancy, healthy iron levels will support your baby!