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Iron Butt Rider wannabe



  • Ken 6 years ago

    More power to you guys but that doesn't mean I understand it. I've done 450 miles in one day and that was plenty. Doing 1000 just doesn't sound like fun, and I ride for the pleasure. But I guess different folks get their pleasure in different ways.

  • Bruce McCrary 6 years ago


    I hear ya! Our normal day rides are usually in the 300~400 mile range over two lane back roads in and around the mountains. Quality over quantity I guess you could say.

    The only way we feel we'll get it done is to ride it all on the interstates, which isn't our idea of a good time, but the easiest way to make time and cover a lot of ground. I wish I could explain it, why we want to do this, but honestly I can't. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe it's because my wife says we'll wimp out, maybe it's the cool license plate frame ;) , I don't know. I just know we want to give it a shot.

    The riders we know that do this type of thing frequently tell us its addictive, that once we do the 1000 we'll want to do the 1500 and so on. I can't imagine, but we'll see.

    Thanks for writing and ride safe!

  • Patty Davis 6 years ago

    I personally have never been tempted with an Iron Butt run - I'm more of a Powder Puff Butt. I do have friends who are addicted and do the 1000 then the 1500 and you are right, Bruce, they do it via interstates with a schedule that does not allow for any sight seeing. Not my idea of a good ride.

  • Justin In Santa Fe, NM 6 years ago

    My buddy and I did the SS1000 last October. I did it on my Big Dog Chopper and he did it on his 750 Magna. I just got my email and IBA# 39354. I'm not on the Certified Riders List yet but it hasn't been updated since August '09. We had a great time...We did have to stop every 100 miles or so becasue the Magna's fuel tank is a little small....We even did a little sightseeing along the way.....It's really not that hard to do. Just Do It......!

  • Michael 6 years ago

    We are riding the SS1000 and possibly adding on the extra 500 miles the next day for the Bun Burner all in one ride this weekend. So looking forward to it, were all excited for the ride but not the monkey butt in the end. Theres gonna be 7 bikes total doing the ride. We are leaving from Michigan going to the football hall of fame,in Ohio then heading down to Ky to the derby and then back home. Should be fun...


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