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iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series Product Review


iRobot Roomba

 Living in a home with pets means pet fur.  While good grooming will keep the furry tumbleweeds to as much of a minimum as possible, there will always be pet fur floating about a pet owner's home.  There are many solutions, though they don't fully solve the problem, to remove the pet fur, including vacuums.  One such product, the iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series vacuum, is meant specifically for pet owners.

First and foremost, the best thing about the Roomba is that it is indeed a robot that requires infrequent human interaction.  Press the Clean button and let it go to work.  If the home has many pets, the owner may have to clean the brushes a few times before the house is fully clean, but the Roomba actually says "Error, please clean brushes" so there's no guessing as to when they need to be cleaned.  The brushes are easy to clean with the included tool.  Other than a very rare instance of the Roomba becoming stuck on a piece of furniture, cleaning the brushes is all of the interaction that is required.  When the battery charge becomes low, the Roomba even docks itself on its charger!

The cleaning ability of the Roomba is surprising.  The Roomba cleans wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile floors quite well.  It has a slightly more difficult time on very low pile Berber than on the flatter surfaces, but it does still clean carpet, as long as it's not shag style.  The Roomba can not clean shag carpet.  As many pet owners know, neither does a full size vacuum when the pet fur is considered.  The Roomba will pick up debris and fur from low pile Berber as well as most full size vacuums.

The best benefit to the Roomba is the ability to let it run every day, keep the dust, debris, and fur under control, without having to actually run the machine yourself.  It's also quite remarkable at making its way around furniture and other obstacles, including dog toys, while continuing to clean.

As long as it's in another room, it's noise is barely audible.  If in the same room, it makes noise, but far less than a standard vacuum.

This particular Roomba, the 562 model, is also programmable in that it can be scheduled to run at certain times of the day.

Overall, the iRobot Roomba 562 receives 5 stars.  It is a well built and well thought out machine that does the job as purported by Roomba.

Local purchases of Roombas can be made at authorized retailers such as Best Buy, located around Birmingham.

Personal Note:  With 4 large dogs in the house, one a Siberian Husky and one a Siberian Husky/Labrador Retriever mix, we have alot of dog fur.  The Roomba is doing a remarkable job at keeping the fur under control on our Pergo and vinyl flooring.  It helps on the Berber as well, though it doesn't get the wall edges of the carpet clean.

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