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Irish Terrier dumped after being shot seven times; attempts to save her fail

Catie was shot 7 times and left for dead in a dumpster.  Though there was a huge rescue effort to save her, she did not survive.  This should never happen.
Society of Humane Friends of Georgia

On March 12, 2014, an Atlanta police officer found a 2-year old Irish Terrier crumpled in a dumpster, with seven gunshot wounds in her tiny body. Miraculously, the Irish Terrier, known as Catie, was still alive. She was taken to the Society of Humane Friends of Georgia, a small animal rescue group based in Lawrenceville, GA, and veterinarian Dr. Lori Chandler studiously began work on the injured dog.

There seemed to be some hope, though her injuries were extensive. Catie was taken to the neurologists at the University of Georgia’s Veterinary Hospital. Donations poured in for Catie, who was utterly sweet and gentle despite that she had been treated so badly. Animal rescuers all over Georgia were praying desperately for Catie to pull through the serious damage done to her.

Unfortunately, later into the night, the Society of Humane Friends of Georgia posted a heartbreaking update: Catie did not make it. Read the news update from their Facebook page.

From animal rescuers everywhere: We beg of you to never let animal abuse go unnoticed. We beg of you to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. Please report abuse. Please do not let what happened to Catie happen to any other animal.

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