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Irish nanny requests bail with new evidence: Baby suffered injuries before nanny

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The Irish nanny who has been sitting in a Massachusetts jail for more than a year awaiting trial for allegedly causing the death of a one-year-old child in her care is now seeking to be let out on bail. In light of new information in this case the nanny's attorneys request bail for the woman who is claiming she is innocent, according to on Feb. 14.

The one-year-old Cambridge girl died of a traumatic head injury while in Aisling Brady McCarthy’s care, but new medical information reveals that the child had received some serious injuries before she was in the care of this nanny.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s office hired a medical expert who reports that the baby, Rehma Sabir, suffered serious injuries while traveling overseas with her family just weeks before the Nanny’s accused of fatally injuring the child. Serious injuries to the child’s vertebrae occurred during a time period that the nanny was not with the child.

While the nanny cared for the child at the time she became fatally injured in Cambridge, she was not with the baby and the family while the child was injured while traveling overseas. Due to this new information attorneys for the nanny are asking for a $5,000 bond and along with that McCarthy agrees to wear a GPS bracelet so the authorities can monitor her whereabouts at all times.

The prosecution protested the bail request stating that the child died of head wounds, which happened while in the care of the nanny, so this should not change a thing. The judge is taking the bail request under advisement.