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Irish Muslim convert beheads and dismembers his mother in honor killing

James Dunleavy
James Dunleavy

It's a too often repeated headline where a radical Muslim kills a family member to protect the honor of the family. A killing like this usually takes place in a Muslim country and not someplace like Scotland.

The Daily Record reports that James Dunleavy, 40 and an Irishman, recently converted to Islam and had become zealous in his beliefs, which come from the Koran.

A former friend says he believes Dunleavy beheaded his mother in an honor killing because she shamed the family. His mother had recently divorced his father and moved in with another man.

Dunleavy considered his mother's actions to be adulterous, and that's when he felt she had shamed the family. He beheaded her and dismembered the body and buried her in a shallow grave.

Dunleavy had denied murdering his mom at his home between April 30 and May 7 of last year. He has been detained and ordered held at the State Hospital at Carstairs before sentencing in April.

It's sad to say but Dunleavy's actions are only part of what radical Muslims believe. They have beheaded infants as young as 40-days-old. They are also responsible for mass murders, like killing 120 children in Tal Abyad, Syria in Aug. 2013.

They indiscriminately kill Christians, Catholics, Alawites and other Muslim believers. Radical Islam is a militant, politically activist ideology whose ultimate goal is to create a worldwide community, or caliphate, of Muslim believers. They will do anything to achieve their goal of a Muslim world.

Scholar of Middle East affairs Martin Kramer describes the goals of radical Islamists:

[An] Islamic government would never be established except by the bomb and rifle. Islam does not coincide or make a truce with unbelief, but rather confronts it. The confrontation that Islam calls for with these godless and apostate regimes, does not know Socratic debates, Platonic ideals nor Aristotelian diplomacy.

But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun. The young came to prepare themselves for Jihad [holy war], commanded by the majestic Allah’s order in the holy Koran.

Mary Habeck, is a military historian at Yale University and holds that radical Muslims base their war against non-Muslims on the Islamic sacred writings, particularly the Sira, according to website.

According to Habeck, The key to understanding why radical Muslims are bent on jihad is that it's the "internal logic of Islam." It's not a provocation, real or imagined that's responsible for their jihads.

She also says it's:

Their fundamental strategic and military decisions are not determined by anything done by the United States, Europe, or any other perceived enemy of Islam, but rather by tenets of itself that call for the killing of infidels.

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