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Irish food


This past weekend I went to the Irish Snug, a pub in the Capitol Hill area of Denver. I was there to listen to a friend’s band, BERT, and enjoy a night out. A few years ago, I went to Ireland and enjoyed the time I spent in the pubs. The pub is central to Irish social life and an experience to enjoy.
The Irish diet includes potatoes…lots of them and in many forms. Often a meal will include mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes and fried potatoes. I ordered some appetizers, both with potatoes and enjoyed them quite a bit.
The egg rolls were filled with corned beef, cabbage and potatoes and were served with a mustard dipping sauce. I was pleasantly surprised with how they tasted and would order them again. The Irish version of nachos was my favorite – waffle fries covered in cheesy goodness, along with the usual nacho toppings. So good!
These nachos would be easy to create at home after you pick up your favorite kind of frozen fries and toppings. But I think a visit to the Irish Snug should be your first step. And of course, enjoy a pint or two while you’re there.
Thanks BERT, for an entertaining evening!


  • Geoff Lucas 5 years ago

    The Irish Snug is a great place to eat and have a coctail! I heard BERT was really bad, though!

  • Aimee Caldwell-George 5 years ago

    Although BERT is one of the most offensive (in sight, smell and sound) that I have ever been privy too- I do enjoy the Irish Snug! And you are so correct, thier version of nachos are delish!

    Shout out to my favorite eXaminer!

  • Mike Thompson 5 years ago

    Bert's guitar player is crap but I would rank the bass player right up there with Nikki Sixx.