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Ireland to Garth Brooks: 'Go home already '

Garth Brooks Comeback Tour may be cut short if one group has anything to say about it
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Garth Brooks is welcome in Ireland, but not for too long apparently. Garth Brooks’ Comeback Tour may be cut short in Dublin, Ireland as residents there are thinking of protesting two of the concerts he has scheduled. As MusicRow reported on February 14, residents who live near the Croke Park Stadium have threatened legal action if the park allows all five of the Garth Brooks concerts scheduled for July.

The park had previously agreed to limit concerts to three per year and now residents are quite upset. Due to noise pollution, high traffic volume and other factors that disrupt their lives in the weeks surrounding big concert events, Croke Park area residents are against extending special privileges to Garth Brooks. It may be his big comeback, but Croke Park residents are saying “enough” already.

While in Ireland on January 20, Garth Brooks announced that he wanted to come back and play in the stadium now that its construction is complete, making good on a promise he made way back in 1997. His 2014 concerts are scheduled for July 25-29, but if Croke Park residents have their way, Garth Brooks may be sent packing early.

Most likely, nothing will be decided until spring as promoters must apply for a license to hold the show and then residents have five weeks to protest. All five concerts in Ireland are sold out, so if the few thousand residents in the area surrounding the stadium do protest, there will likely be some backlash from disgruntled ticket-holders of canceled concerts.

Nobody expected Garth Brooks’ Comeback Tour to turn into a request to “go back home,” but it looks like the country music legend may be “workin’ for a livin’” somewhere else this summer.

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