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Iraq war veteran made first legal purchase of marijuana in Colorado Wednesday

Iraq war veteran made very first purchase of pot in Colorado
Iraq war veteran made very first purchase of pot in Colorado
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As yesterday marked the day called "Green Wednesday" in Colorado, pot smokers in Denver enjoyed a 1920s 'prohibition is over' themed party as they shared tokes of marijuana. According to a report on which was published on Jan. 1, the first person to actually make the very first purchase of pot yesterday as soon as it became legal in Colorado for recreational use was an Iraq war veteran by the name of Sean Azzariti. According to the Iraq war veteran, using pot helps ease the symptoms of his post traumatic stress disorder. According to this article, pot shops opened at 8 AM yesterday for pot smokers to make their first legal purchase of recreational marijuana.

According to another article published back in May of 2013, Ohio is still trying to make pot legal for both medical and recreational use. They will put it on the voting ballot in March for those who believe it should be legalized in Ohio to vote it up. "If pot is legalized in Ohio, there will be many happy people who will finally be allowed to take a hit of a joint, bong, or blunt right on their own front porch while the police can't say a word", says Frank Spear of Steubenville, Ohio.

Did you know you don't have to just smoke marijuana in a joint, bong, or a blunt? Pot can be enjoyed many different ways including eating it in anything that has cannabutter that is a combination of cooked marijuana and butter, according again to Frank Spear of Steubenville, Ohio. It can also be made in tea and drank. Did you know you can even inhale it in a portable vaporizer? There are so many different ways marijuana can be enjoyed by those who smoke, eat, or even drink it that those in Colorado must be really enjoying themselves. Ohio residents cannot wait until March when we are able to vote for it to be fully legalized.

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