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Iraq terrorism: Another series of bomb attacks kill dozens in Baghdad

While Secretary of State John Kerry is in Israel taking bows for a scheduled meeting between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, he and the Obama administration are silent about 36 people being killed and close to 100 being wounded in a series of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) bombings in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Saturday night, according to an Israeli police source who monitors Middle East terrorist groups.

Iraqi National Police mechanized unit responding to terrorist bombings in Baghdad.

The Iraqi government and people are witnessing that country's worst violence in five years, according to several Middle East analysts.

"The United States sacrificed a lot of blood and treasure to topple the evil Saddam Hussein, but now the nation turns its back on the violence and radicalism perpetrated by al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorists in Iraq. Instead of 'leaning' on Israel to capitulate to Palestinian demands, the Obama minions such as Secretary Kerry should be concerned about Iraq, Syria, Iran and Egypt," said police counterterrorism analyst George Menachen.

In one attack, an IED-loaded car exploded in the southeastern part of Baghdad that left four Iraqi civilians dead and eight others wounded, the source told Law Enforcement Examiner.

In a separate incident, another four Iraqis were killed, including the leader of the Iraqi government-affiliated Sahwa paramilitary group, in a car bomb explosion in southwest Baghdad, the source said.

According to Menachen, the Sahwa militia -- a/k/a the Awakening Council or the Sons of Iraq -- consists of armed groups, including some powerful anti-American Sunni insurgent groups, who rebelled against the al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQII) network after the terrorist group perpetrated deadly attacks against both Shiite and Sunni Muslim communities. Al-Qaeda is comprised of Sunni Muslims.

Also on Saturday, Iraq's national police reported the killing of 24 people and wounding of 88 in multiple explosions in the predominantly Shiite districts of Karradah, Shurta al-Rabia, Mowasalat, Um al-Tuboul and others.

The attacks took place after the breaking of the daily Ramadan fast.

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