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Iraq is crumbling again against jihadists

Is the Middle East governable in the presence of militant jihadists? Syria is in chaotic civil war that can easily spill as it has into Lebanon, and Iraq. Jihadists have taken major Iraq cities with ineffective defense by the Iraqi military. The Iraqi government has requested assistance from the Obama administration in the form of drone support. Obama has yet to respond. Surely boots on the ground are out, but we could provide technical support. The United Nations is watching, as it is inclined to do. The UN Security Council condemns the attacks by militants that has created a humanitarian crisis in the war torn country. Does the UN have enough military capacity to combat global jihad? That question may be coming sooner than later, and much faster than anyone expects.

'Support the civilized man'
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The big picture shows that there is civil war among Muslim sects, principally Sunnis and Shiites. Then again, the war is between both sects of Muslims and Christians and Jews. Jews and Christians settled long ago. The trouble is that people of faith put their beliefs ahead of humanity which truly defeats the purpose. Recall Tony Blair's warning.

"Tony Blair says West, Russia and China should fight “radicalized Islam,” predictable firestorm ensues

Robert Spencer Apr 23, 2014 at 2:29 p.m.

Tony BlairYears ago I was calling for a global alliance against the jihad threat, and a massive reconfiguration of our alliances, but it was as far away then as it is now from any realistic chance of realization; Tony Blair is the first major political figure to take it up. But now the response he is receiving is similar to the response I have received to my work: 13 books, hundreds of articles, and thousands of Jihad Watch posts alerting to the jihad threat and calling for a defense of Constitutional freedoms and shared principles of human rights, and the response has been that I’m shunned as an “Islamophobe,” “bigot” and worse. It isn’t personal; it’s a tactic that is used against everyone who speaks out against jihad terror. Blair is now being denounced for saying that the choice that the people of the Middle East have is between dictatorship and extremism” — and yet that is simply a fact, which is being presented as if it were some heinous thing that Blair has said. It is reminiscent of my having been banned from Britain for saying that Islam has a doctrine of violence against unbelievers: state unpleasant facts today, and the facts are not examined. Instead, they’re used to kill the messenger.

“Blair’s speech on Islamic extremism generates strong reactions,” by Julian Borger and Ian Black, The Guardian, April 23

“Iraq crisis: UN 'deplores' militants' capture of cities Paul Wood:

"The speed of the jihadists' advance has shocked the Iraqi government and its Western allies" The UN Security Council has condemned attacks by Islamist militants in two major Iraqi cities, Mosul and Tikrit. It said the humanitarian situation around Mosul, where up to 500,000 people have fled, was "dire and is worsening by the moment". Government forces have stalled the militants' advance near Samarra, a city just 110km (68 miles) north of Baghdad. The US says it is considering further assistance to Iraq in fighting the militants, without giving details.”

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