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Iraq immunity is a formality at this point

300 brave Americans are coming into Iraq to direct firepower in support of defending Baghdad, and the defendable vicinity. Iran has already dispatched a top general to advise the Iraqis, meaning that the U.S., Iran and Iraqi Shiites are on one team against the ISIL and Sunnis.

300 American advisors are dispatched to Iraq

Americans have made it clear that there will be no tolerance for ISIL and associated terrorists leading any part of Iraq, just as there is little tolerance for the return of the Taliban. Americans are trying to create space for Iraqi moderates, carved from Sunnis, Shiites, and anyone else who acknowledge the wisdom of developing one Iraqi nation.

Step back. The bigger picture is that Americans and Western allies want a free world that allows for the coexistence of people with different religious faiths (or no religion), and people who prefer to have Constitutional governments address citizens shared needs independently from religion. That will be a long haul argument in the Middle East.

The reality is that Americans will be sitting ducks, surrounded by noone they can truly trust. It is a highly suspicious and dangerous call to deploy them. The only reason why Iraqi military will tolerate this is because they are under siege and desperately need American support to give them a chance to reverse the tide.

If things deteriorate further, extracting Americans will be difficult, even though it is surely planned.

At this point, American military professionals probably assess that the military targets among ISIL and Sunni insurgents is sufficiently visible and large to create fine targets. Concern about civilian casualties is always present, but under the circumstances, this war on terror. ISIL terrorists pose clear and present danger to the free world, and that is as good of justification as their having weapons of mass destruction.

“Iraq gives US military advisers immunity

By Kristina Wong and Justin Sink - 06/23/14 02:46 PM EDT

Iraq is granting legal immunity to 300 U.S. military advisers slated to train local forces, allowing them to begin their mission, the Obama administration announced Monday.
The protections were agreed upon through a diplomatic note between the U.S. and Iraq, State Department deputy press secretary Marie Harf told reporters.

"We can confirm Iraq has provided acceptable assurances. ... We and the United States military believe that these assurances are enough for our folks to be there," she said. "We are confident in the assurances we've been given."”

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