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Iraq Falling To Islamic Rebels

Iraq Falling To Islamic Rebels
Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images

Militants inspired by Al-Qaeda have been on the war path the last week in Iraq. They first took Mosel and lately they have taken Tikrit. The funny part of all this is Iraqi Security forces are simply taking off their clothes and running away rather than to fight. The rebels have taken control of Iraq's Sunni heartland quite easily.

Prime Minister Maliki who has been struggling just to keep power will probably not be able to stop the rebels as they are now heading toward Baghdad. Maliki has already been in touch with President Obama asking for air strikes against the rebel positions. So far no word from the White House about whether they will even lift a hand to help. If you remember we were told by Maliki himself that his forces could control anything that came their way. Those same forces are simply taking off their uniforms and walking away.

The rebels did take over the Turkish consulate in Mosul and are holding some 48 diplomats and office staff. So far Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey is holding meetings and discussing strategy concerning the situation.

The Islamic rebels are simply doing what they do best either you go over to their ways or else. Islam is on the move in the Middle East and Africa. They are making a concerted push all over the region to gain control. The problem that will be coming is once they gain control can they for one, keep it or two can they become a true nation.

The Untied States is probably not wanting to send any troops but may consider an air strike but after the way the Iraq told the United States as well as coalition troops that they weren't needed any more may make some countries hesitant to become involved in Iraqi conflicts.

If the outside world waits much longer the rebels will be in Baghdad and there won't be any reason to get involved anymore Iraq, Good Luck.