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Iraq Can't Survive

Iraq Can't Survive
Iraq Can't Survive
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Parliament was to open for the first time since the April elections. Unfortunately all we saw were Sunni and Kurdish members walking out. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki a Shiite has been asked to step down in favor of a more open government but still refuses. ISIS, the Islamist rebel group now controls some 30 or more cities and villages and does not seem to be able to be defeated. Iran wants to step in and help the Shiite controlled government of Iraq but most people are nervous for this approach to normalcy. In other words if you put all this information on paper you end up with a nightmare.

Lets start with ISIS, this group is pure and simple just evil. Most groups want little or nothing to do with them. When they move through a city they act like locusts and devour everything in sight they leave death and destruction in their wake. They leave decapitated bodies, their heads lying on the side of the roads they travel. Simply put this group does not want western ways but what's funny they sure like the American weapons that they pick up along the way.

Kurdish people have always been the group to pick on Saddam Hussein would do everything and anything to destroy this group of people going as far as attacking them with chemical weapons. Thanks to all the recent turmoil the Kurdish people in Iraq are now feeling powerful.

The United States has requested that Prime Minister al-Maliki step down but he refuses. Thus bringing the country even more into disarray. He will not try to form a more universal government. This could help to diffuse some of this situation but he is standing firm.

Finally, Iran wants to help Iraq by placing weapons into the governments hands. Now can anyone see that this would be a negative rather than a positive. Iran and Iraq have been at odds for years and now they want to help. Wrong.

For better than a decade American troops fought and died so that Iraq might a better future yet within two years this hope falls flat on its face. This is a major catastrophe and it doesn't look good for the future.