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Iranians slam Obama Iraq strategy, blame Israel for creating ISIS

Iran’s top spiritual leader and arguably the country's true ruler, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told the Iranian news media on Sunday that he is angry with President Barack Obama's tepid involvement in the Iraqi government's battle against Muslim jihadists rampaging across that country. Also, Iran's military chief of staff accused Israel of creating the terrorist group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Iran's Ayatollah is no fan of Barack Obama.
Ayatollah Ali-Khamenei website

Khamenei told the Iranians via the nation's news service, IRNA, that the Obama administration's main goal is to maintain their control over Iraq which is ruled by Obama's “stooges.”

Ayatollah Khamenei said the "main goal behind the terror attacks on Iraq is depriving Iraqis of achievements they have gained despite the US presence and intervention, the most important of which is the national sovereignty of the democratic system."

The Iranian government sent members of their military to aid Iraq's military turn the tide against the terrorist hordes of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who are defeating the Iraq's security forces and threatening to invade Baghdad.

The Army's chief of staff, Major General Hassan Firuzabadi, told Middle Eastern news outlets that the Jews created the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group as part of an Israeli plan to create a safe-zone for "the Zionists" in order to prevent the revolutionary forces from having access to the occupied Palestinian territory.

Gen. Firuzabadi also stated that strong resistance by the Iraq is key to defeating the terrorist group, a reference to Iraq's pluralistic population that includes Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, and the Kurds in the northern region.

Early this month, after launching its large-scale offensive in Iraq, the ISIS seized control of most parts of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and its surrounding areas in Nineveh province. ISIS Islamists, who were formerly call al-Qaida in Irag (AQII), in December 2013 invaded the Iraqi city of Fallujah and they are still in control of that war-torn city.

The brutal terrorists have murdered and tortured Iraqi civilians and more than 500,000 of them have fled Mosul which is the capital of Nineveh Province. The Muslim extremists have vowed to march toward the capital, Baghdad, and believe they will take the city and slaughter the Iraqi military and police forces, according to Gen. Fiuzabadi.

Nearly 1.5 million Iraqi civilians have volunteered to help fight against the al-Qaeda-linked jihadists following Iraq's religious and political leaders calling on the people "to take up arms and defend their country against militants." The volunteers consist of people from all walks of life including retired police officers.

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