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Iranian warships: Not much of a threat to U.S.

Iranian warships heading for United States waters are not much of a threat. The naval mission is nothing more than sabre rattling. According to Reno Gazette-Journal Feb. 10, a former advisor downplayed any threat that the warships may pose.

The ships pose almost no danger because ‘They have no capability whatsoever,’ said Gary Samore, a former advisor to President Obama on arms control, prevention of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

Iranian warships are part of a "fleet" sent to the Atlantic Ocean near United States waters according to Iranian naval commander Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad. The intent is to show the U.S. what Iran is capable in the event that that actually had nuclear weapons.

The Iranian warships preempt a meeting of the U.S., Iran and others on Feb 18 to discuss their nuclear program. Iranian officials have repeatedly called their nuclear program "peaceful."

Any nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles on Iranian warships could pose a threat, but that would be much further down the road. They would then potentially possess the capability to strike any where on the East coast from their warships just outside of U.S. territorial waters.

The Iranian warships are in response to increased war games being held by the U.S. Navy's 5th fleet, which is based in Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf near Iran.

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