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Iranian President accusses US of "double game' in Afghanistan


  • Boondocks 6 years ago

    Screw them. If they want to jump into bed with Ahmadinejad, let them. Let them start working together, let Iran help re-destabilize Afghanistan, then use that as an excuse to go in and bomb both nations back to the stone age, right? Isn't that what a card-carrying American Patriot should say?

    I say let them worry about their own affairs. We don't need to be sacrificing American soldiers' lives fighting local dissidents in Afghanistan (many of whom probably had no problem with America until we invaded Afghanistan).

    We need to become more secular and insulated. Guard our own borders first, before worrying about other countries internal issues. Let other countries deal with their own problems. If they're busy fighting in their own country, how are they going to have reason, time, and resources to travel all the way to America to attack us?

    If we stop giving them REASON to attack us, then most of them will probably just disappear back where they came from...

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