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Iranian Foreign Minister spars with Hillary Clinton


  • Alan MacDonald 6 years ago


    The NY Times, like all the ‘Vichy’ corporatist media, reports with a straight face, "We see the government of Iran, the supreme leader, the president, the parliament is being supplanted and Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship," Clinton said.

    Soooo, the Obama administration is basically saying that the superficial facade of civil government in Iran has essentially been totally circumvented by the fascist imperial power of a hidden militarist 'national security state', a "Secret Team" of power-elite and unelected murderous hierarchy, a 'shadow government' of deceitful Empire bent on acquiring more power and wealth for itself under the propagandist guise of being the real public government of the country of Iran.

    Now where could the Obama administration and the whole of the U.S. public face of democratic government possibly imagine such a wild and radical idea of a secret, hidden elite Empire overreach, deceit, and treasonous 'take-over' of a whole government come

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