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Iran wants West to 'accept their demands', fires missile at oil tanker

Although formal nuclear negotiations will begin later this month in Moscow, Iran is already undermining the diplomatic efforts, according to John Mercer, former ambassador to the United Nations now living in Los Angeles. “The message is to ‘accept their demands’,” said Mercer.

John Cismo

“Iran is demanding an end to economic sanctions and acceptance as a world nuclear power,” remarked Mercer. “They say it’s for peaceful purposes, but the rest of the world thinks it’s for weapon purposes.”

Mercer said Iran believes “they’ve got the West scared” and that these latest statements are “the result of that confidence.”

“If the West is intent on backing down from Iran, what does that mean for the Iranian nuclear efforts?” said John Harrow, a military analyst based in Long Beach. Harrow said it will put Iran back on track to build up their reserves of enriched uranium, which he noted would put them “on the brink of” building their own limited range nuclear weapons. He added, “It demonstrates their track record of political resistance and confrontational rhetoric has put them in a position to threaten the West."

Indeed, a new video posted to the Al Jazira website today is sending diplomatic shockwaves across the globe. The video shows Iran’s Revolutionary Guard test firing missiles capable of reaching both US and Israel bases and ships in the area.

One clip from the video shows a missile striking an oil tanker - sparking concern that should Iran hit a real oil tanker, the world economy would be sent into a panic.

Harrow continued, “When you wrap all of this together with the support they are giving to the Assad regime in Syria, I think it shows that Western efforts to isolate Iran have failed miserably.”

Regarding the talks in Moscow, Harrow predicted Iran would make a symbolic concession that the White House will hail as progress, thus buying Iran more time to work on their nuclear program.