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Iran sends warships to sit off U.S. coast: Should you be worried?

Iran is sending warships to US maritime borders, but defense department official suggests they will find others already there!
Photo by U.S. Navy/Getty Images

Iran announced that warships are on their way across the Atlantic and making their way to U.S. maritime borders. This marks the first time this country ever attempted such a show of force if this is in fact happening. An Admiral from Iran claims that the ships are coming around South African waters and will continue across the Atlanta to station themselves in international waters, but not far of the U.S. coastline, according to Fox News on Feb. 8.

Should folks worry, as this is not the usual spouting off of threats coming from Iran? If they are actually on their way to the maritime borders of the U.S. what comes next? Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, who is the commander of Iran's Northern Navy Fleet, announced that "Iran's military fleet is approaching the United States' maritime borders and this move has a message."

This is considered a move in retaliation for the U.S. ships in that are deployed near Iran's coastlines. The 5th fleet of the U.S. Navy is across the gulf from Iran, near Bahrain.

According to CNN News today a defense official who spoke with to them under the condition that his name would not be released due to the "sensitivity of the matter," said:

"It's important to understand that, at this point, we have an announcement not a deployment. They've stated this aspiration before."

The defense official continued with:

"Freedom of the seas doesn't just apply to fish. It applies to all maritime nations, all navies, everywhere -- so long as they understand the responsibilities which come with that freedom."

It sounds as if Iran's ships actually do cross the ocean to sit in the waters of the U.S. coast, they won't be alone. The defense official also said:

"So if they chose to send their ships to the Atlantic, I'm sure they won't be surprised to find many, many others already there."

It looks as though the U.S. is ready for them if they should happen to follow through on their threat of this long voyage. A voyage that is more than likely their idea of making a statement against the U.S. being in Iran's backyard.

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