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Iran sending warships into U.S. maritime borders is not just an Iranian threat

The Avland is one of Iran's battleships heading towards Bahrain's coast
The Avland is one of Iran's battleships heading towards Bahrain's coast

On Feb. 9, 2014 news of Iranian warships being deployed to United States maritime borders, bombarded newsfeeds everywhere -- from mainstream media, to independent journalists, to newspapers, to blogs, and of course the social media. But what’s interesting is that Russia weighed in on the news.

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What does Iran sending warships to U.S. maritime waters mean?

One misconception permeating through the minds of many is that Iran is sending warships into U.S. waters, specifically the East Coast -- this is not what is happening. The U.S. has positioned its Navy’s 5th fleet in the Persian Gulf, on the coastline of Bahrain -- this location is nowhere near U.S. coastal waters, so why all the fuss about Iran sending warships to U.S. maritime waters? The real fuss should be over the fact that Iran is sending a strong message, and this time they’re not just threatening.

After 911 the U.S. began to make a strong presence in the Middle East, flexing its international power, making Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran, become concerned, asking themselves, “why is the U.S. parking itself on this side of the world?” Bahrain’s coast is a stone throw away from Iran’s, and Iran wants to know why the U.S. is “hanging out” there.

What needs to be understood is that what is happening between Iran and the U.S. at this moment, is happening across the world, not anywhere near our soil or coast lines.

So what should we be paying attention to? Now we have to wait and see what the U.S. Navy’s 5th fleet positioned in Bahrain, will do when the Iranian ships come near.

According to CNN's Barbara Starr, Pentagon officials are treating it as just another “boy who cried wolf” scenario, downplaying the Iranian tactic saying “they have done this before.”

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However, Russia, through one of its official news website, “The Voice of Russia,” has sent a message headlining US disbelieves Iran’s claims about sending ships to US coast.” The article states that the “Commander of Iran's Naval forces in the Caspian region Admiral Rezaei Haddad announced that Iranian ships are already on their way to the Atlantic Ocean across the waters off the South African coast.” Haddad followed up saying, “Iran’s Navy is approaching the US sea border and this maneuver is a message.”

The fact is, Iranian naval ships are no where near the U.S. East Coast, and they won't be. Iran is showing force to the the U.S. Navy's 5th fleet positioned in Bahrain.

Another reason to believe that the Iranian’s may be sending messages to the U.S. military, and also flexing their muscle, is the strong words Iran’s supreme leader the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used in his last address to Iran’s military own, saying “the hostility of America toward Iran, Iranians and Islam had become clear to everyone.”

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Tensions are rising and moves are being made in this long game of international chess between the U.S. and Iran, the question is who is making the next move?

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