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Iran's Ahmadinejad to conquer Jerusalem by August 2011?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Wikipedia Commons

According to an Iranian video, Iran’s President Ahmadinejad is going to capture Jerusalem to help bring in the Imam Mahdi. According to one speculative calculation, this needs to happen prior to August 3, 2011 as it supposed to happen prior to the arrival of the Imam Mahdi. The video is titled The Coming is Near. To watch the video in its entirety, visit Kahlili’s website (as he just translated it into English as CBN announced today.

The video starts off natural images and with upbeat demonstrators. I found it interesting that the woman who is one of the two primary narrators is dressed like a Catholic nun. Some of the images shown seem to suggest death the USA (or at least the US dollar). It quotes someone as saying this Imam Mahdi leader arrives after a time of great earthquakes and sedition. It shows photos of American, Jewish, and European leaders that it does not approve of. It says that, according to the Hadith, Iran is to be among the “preparers” for the arrival of the Imam. It blames the USA and its allies for causing Islamic fear-mongering since 9/11. The video indicates that Islamic writings have warned that westerners would invade the Middle East first and its suggests that Iraq and other western military interventions are proof that the Imam Mahdi is about to appear. It tells that a time of Arab cooperation is prophesied, while also claiming that annihilation of the “Zionist regime” needs to happen prior to the arrival of the Mahdi.

And the video goes further. It says that the Hadith tells of a leader named Abdullah, states that the ill King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is the first Abdullah leader in a hundred years, and that cites something that states when Abdullah dies the reappearance is guaranteed. It claims that Iran is the most powerful force in the Middle East. It claims that their prophecies state that a Seyed Khorasani will turn Jerusalem over to the Imam Mahdi. It discusses prophesies that Islamic antichrists must rise up and hints that the Free Masons, with their influence on American, European, Israeli, and apparently certain Arabic, leaders, has fulfilled this. Although the video shows Hosni Mubarak along with a prophecy that the leader of Egypt must die prior to the arrival of the Imam Mahdi, Hosni Mubabarek is no longer the leader of Egypt and did not die.

It also essentially tries to explain who is Seyed Khorasani (the current top leader of Iran). It also says that 72 months prior to the arrival of the Imam Mahdi that Seyed Khorasani will appoint Shoeib to assist. It then asks if “Doctor” Ahmadinejad could be the Shoeib. It shows Ahmadinejad making various speeches and discusses him taking over Jerusalem in the future–and prior to the arrival of the Imam Mahdi. It basically ends with stating that the Imam Mahdi will rise up soon and that all should praise God with Jihad.

Since “Doctor” Ahmadinejad became President of Iran on 3 August 2005, of itself, the video seems to be teaching that a war is expected by August 3 of 2011 as that would be 72 months after he was appointed (perhaps I should add that other prophecies of the Mahdi state that he would return in an even numbered year, like the end 2012--Islamic year 1434 begins November 15, 2012--thus the Iranian video may need to be adjusted in the future or perhaps Iran will sometime claim that Ahmadinejad received some other type of “appointment” that happened in 2006 that counts, as opposed to being appointed president in 2005; other than him making an announcement in April 2006 about Iran's nuclear development, it is unclear what Ahmadinejad did to get some type of appointment that might be consistent with Iranian-accepted prophecy).

Well, since I believe that the final King of the South is currently alive, is Islamic, may be associated with one or more transnational Islamic groups, and I have repeatedly warned that Iran’s president may provoke a war with Israel in order to provoke the rising up of an Islamic leader, the above story is consistent with that. But I do not believe that it is possible for Iran to take over Jerusalem prior to the arrival of the final King of the South, hence there will be various aspects of their predictions that will not come to pass quite like they expect.

The President of Iran has long believed that it is his special calling to create enough chaos in order to stimulate the arrival of an Islamic leader that he and others refer to as the Imam Mahdi. This leader is supposed to unite Islam and root out problems within its religion (see also Iran’s Ahmadinejad Does Not Want Peace).

For various reasons, the Imam Mahdi that Iran wants sounds a lot like the final King of the South that the Bible foretells (Daniel 11:40-43). While the King of the South will not fulfill everything related to Iran’s Mahdi predictions, this may not matter too much to the Arabs, who unlike the Shi’ite Iranians, are mainly Sunni Muslim. This Imam/Mahdi/Caliph may be part of a deal that will affect the USA and its Anglo-allies, as well as the nation of Israel (Psalm 83). And this will not be good.

The reality, as I long warned about, is that Iran is likely to attack Israel and/or provoke Israel to attack it. And while Iran hopes to win such an encounter in order to get the Muslim world behind it, it is much more likely that Israel would hit back hard. So hard, in fact, that the Arab world will be even more upset with Israel than it is now. Enough so that the Arab world will be more likely to accept a pan-Islamic leader, that they will refer to as a type of Caliph, that happens to be the same one that the Bible refers to as the final King of the South. I suspect that if Iran has an unsuccessful attack on Jerusalem that a Caliph-type leader will rise up from elsewhere in the Middle East and that many in Iran will support him anyway (even if all the Mahdi predictions do not come to pass).

Iran’s provocative video will not change the truth about Bible prophecy, but may be a very public signal that Iran intends to soon attack Israel as it seems to be trying to lay out from various Islamic prophecies why it has to do so soon.

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