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Iran marks 31st anniversary of revolution by declaring itself a "nuclear state"


  • Boondocks 6 years ago

    Iran was never going to make any concessions to the six-party talks, it was just a way of stalling the situation to further their own goals. If world leaders are busy trying to handle negotiations, then Iran can happily carry on enriching uranium.

    As far as the western forces moving quickly, I think we ought to just step back and let them do what they want to do. And if Israel wants to do something about it, let them. Everyone seems to want less U.S. and international presence in the Middle East, so lets give them what they want: we withdraw any American's from Iran, and the surrounding country's, and tell them we're done dealing with them. Then when Israel decides to nuke them, they have noone to blame but themselves, for not dealing with us in the first place.

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