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Iran is not a threat to the U.S. because they can't be

Old Iranian ships may not have the capacity to deal with the U.S. ships
Old Iranian ships may not have the capacity to deal with the U.S. ships

U.S. officials have made it very clear, and as we have been speculating, Iran is nowhere near our maritime borders, or near bothering us in our own waters -- they're just acting as a nuisance.

Look; -- the United States, is a true force to contend with, when you hear of another country trying to militarily fight the U.S., they might as well eradicate themselves. Why? Because the U.S. is the most powerful military country in the whole entire of the existence of the physical world.

My last article expressed the reality of things, especially when it comes to understanding what is happening -- so, in this section, just know this; our country, the United States of America, is not going to get attacked by any rogue sovereign nation, especially a nation such as Iran, why? Because the U.S. is too powerful, and we will simply not allow it.

So here is the point I made in my last article; and still remains, Iran is no where near U.S. coastal waters, they're not even anywhere near our maritime waters. However, the question is; when are these countries going to truly become so upset that we'll have to fight them? At some point we'll fight, most likely, we'll win.

For now, all we know is this that USA Today wrote on Feb. 11, 2014 -- "Iranian warships headed to the U.S. coast pose little danger to the United States but could be a dry run for the future, according to former U.S. military and security officials."

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Let us understand, that the Pentagon is not concerned about the matter of Iran positioning their feeble ships on U.S. maritime waters, however, we should be a bit concerned about the United States' 5th fleet in Bahrain -- they are the ones who need be vigilant and on point. The Navy troops in Bahrain should be on high alert at this very moment.

At this moment, the Olympics are the main focus of all of the powerful countries in existence -- but keep in mind that politics does not simply disappear, it actually re-appears.

To Chris Harmer, the analyst for the study of war -- you are wrong. Iran is not a threat to the U.S. as you state below, and we're not going to harass, only because we don't have to;

"When they cross into the North Atlantic, we'll start the harassment," says Chris Harmer, an analyst at the Institute for the Study of War who worked on military planning for the Persian Gulf as a commander in the U.S. Navy. "They do that to us every time we cross into the Strait of Hormuz."

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Last note is this -- the United States has the most powerful military in the whole entire physical earth, and there is nothing any other country can do to threaten it. So news of other countries bothering the United States, is just false speculation. We are not in any military trouble.

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