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iPod Touch a must-have for the holidays

What's not to love about the iPod Touch? It's small, compact and fits in your pocket. Many might wonder what the big deal is; it's only an iPod. Not so fast, my friends. It's actually a pocket-sized computer. Not only does it hold your music and videos, it also holds a variety of games one can download from the Apps Store. And not just games, but software ranging from utilities, to productivity, to entertainment, sports, weather - the list is practically endless.

These apps can range anywhere from free to as much as what the seller wants. For the most part one can download free apps to be productive. There is an office-like suite of programs to compose documents, create slide shows and work on spreadsheets. There are even photo-editing programs to work on images. But the best feature of all is its wireless capability. When in a wi-fi zone, the Internet can be accessed just as easily from the iPod Touch as from a laptop or desktop. Apple's proprietary browser, Safari, is as intuitive as its full-sized version. The iPod Touch comes in three storage size capacities: 8GB, 32GB and the recently released 64GB. That's a lot of songs and videos to carry around in your pocket.

The iPod Touch is not only a great stocking-stuffer for the Holidays, but a cool gadget to have any day of the year.

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