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iPhone Woes To Be Cured Soon

We love our phones don't we? Mine seems to be attached to my hip, as I honestly would be lost without it. Some of you were smitten by the "Apple" bug. It's okay, so many of us were. In fact Apple reportedly sold over 73 million iPhones since 2010.

With that being said, many of you are having ios 7 issues. Does your phone occasionally freeze or abruptly cut off? Don't worry. It's not the Candy Crush game that you downloaded or any other app for that matter. The beloved ios 7 system has been plagued with problems since the release. According to Gizmodo, a fix is on the way. It won't come anytime soon however. They're planning to roll out the bug fix with the new operating system ios 7.1. Although unconfirmed, we're expecting this miracle to arrive sometime in March.

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