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iPhone owners eager for the next milestone in the life of iOS 7 might not have to wait much longer. Sources close to the matter are saying that Apple is eyeing releasing the iOS 7.1 update this March, but Apple and iOS fans probably shouldn't be assuming too much from this update.
It's been quite a while since Apple released a maintenance update for iOS 7, it might be understandable that users are getting a bit restless about a new version that will be bringing in fixes and improvements. They shouldn't be expecting too much new features, however, as Apple seems to be pointing out that there is nothing in iOS 7.1 that isn't already known from previous betas.
A bulk of the changes that iOS 7.1 will be bring is said to be fixes for quite a number of issues that managed to remain unresolved since iOS 7.0.4. These include issues with 32-bit apps running on a 64-bit iPhone 5s, some bugs regarding text rendering, and improvements to the iTunes Match library handling.
One issue in particular that users are probably most anxious to get fixed is the random iPhone reboots that have been widely reported lately. Although the exact cause or conditions for the home screen crash remain unknown to the public, Apple has stated that it has a fix ready in an upcoming update. Considering the next update will be iOS 7.1, we will be looking forward to that indeed.
That's not to say there won't be some amount of fit and polish with regards to aesthetics, but again, nothing that probably hasn't been revealed in previous developer beta releases. These include a shiny new unlock slider, new Notification Center messages, and even some new icons and logos. The iOS 7.1 update is expected to be unveiled in an event March, but there is speculation that the spotlight will be on the next Apple TV instead.


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