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iPhone organizing techniques



I recently incorporated an iPhone into my life.  It has been a great organizational tool. I keep information on the Outlook calendar in my laptop and I sync it with the iPhone and now no matter where I am I can see upcoming events. No more scattered paper notes all over my purse, car, kitchen counters, etc. I also set reminders and alarms for many events that help keep my stress level much lower now. I printed a copy of the calendar that I maintain with recurring dates like birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming trips and play dates and I posted it on the refrigerator door. During the day I can see what my week holds at a quick glance and so can my husband. A helpful feature is the reminders on my Outlook calendar. For example, let's say you have a meeting coming up next week whether it's at the school or with a client. You can set an alert the night before to remind you of the upcoming meeting and includes notes like don't forget the extra copies of the proposal or the cookies for the PTA meeting. It's as if the phone is my assistant is looking out for me and warning me of the obstacles ahead.

There are also programs that can be added to your iPhone that offer software of to do lists that help you stay organized. I always use DoBot ToDos. I update the phone to do list that I named super market as the items run out and now I can stop in at anytime without the worry of forgetting a list I left on the fridge. I keep lists of everything, like music I want to listen to, websites that I want to check out, etc. I always have my phone close by making it easy to input notes and reminders instantly instead forgetting or loosing the scrap piece of paper I wrote the reminder on.

I also have all of my mails accounts sync with my phone. This eliminates the need to log into multiple sites to check emails. I even have Facebook, YouTube, Maps, iPod, and iTunes applications on my phone that help me stay connected and informed. I even use one called QuickVoice, a voice recorder that I use at meetings rather than take notes. These are only a few of the applications you can have at your disposal with the iPhone to help keep you organized. There are still so many more features of the iPhone I’m discovering that help make my life easier. The organization has given me more free time that has allowed me to write articles like this one.

There are many other ways to get a similar effect like an agenda or even a PDA, but the iPhone for me fulfills that desire to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Happy organizing. 

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  • Dana 5 years ago

    I am sending this article to my husband so he can see the value of the iPhone! It is more than just a new gadget. Thanks:)

  • Day 5 years ago

    Reading this makes me want to get one!