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iPhone iOS 7.1 download that comes with some issues

iPhone 5 updates
iPhone 5 updates
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

iPhone's most recent update, iOS 7.1, is now available for download. Here are the issues that 7.1 should address: CarPlay; Siri; iTunes Radio; Calendar; Accessibility; HDR Camera; iCloud Keychain; FaceTime; Mail; and Touch ID. In addition, any problems regarding interface refinements and improved performance for your iPhone 4 should be addressed.

Not really wanting to update until more data was available regarding this patch, I did discover that some users were experiencing problems: less battery life; poor data connection with your current provider; decrease in cellular connectivity; the possible need to reset your phone to correct any “new” issues.

The biggest complaint is loss of battery life. This new patch allows your background apps to refresh automatically, which can cause you to use more battery life than you intended.

For those who did not update to 7.0.6 (the security update), you should probably update to 7.1. The security issue really seemed to be a problem with hackers stealing your passcodes, user-names, etc.

To update your phone to iOS 7.1, please follow the following sequence – Tap: the Settings icon on your desktop (which should have a red 1 in the right corner) > Software Update > Install Now > Agree if you wish to continue > allow your phone to verify the update > your screen will turn black; an apple will appear and disappear > an apple with a progress bar should then show how long it will take to complete the update > your screen will turn black > an apple with a white screen will appear with a new progress bar that should disappear quickly > your iPhone desktop will reappear > you are done . . . for now.

It’s been a rough ride for iPhone users who have been dealing with these patches and updates. If you find yourself experiencing any of the mentioned issues with 7.1, see:

Please stay tuned for additional information.

iPhones and iPads can be purchased locally at the Apple Store - Westfarms Mall, Farmington, CT and your local Best Buy (West Hartford and Enfield are two local options.)

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