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iPhone iOS 7.0.6 major security update for Apple’s iPhone

Apple's iPhone 5
Apple's iPhone 5
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

We are still working with iOS 7, and the newest update for your Apple iPhone is 7.0.6. This new patch fixes and corrects the SSL connection verification. What exactly does this mean?

Well, for those who engage in secure sessions using their devices, such as purchasing on line, banking, etc., it was possible for a hacker to capture or modify data while you were using your phone. Attackers/Hackers were defined as users with a privileged network position. When these factors were all in place, SSL/TLS would not have protected you while you were engaged in “secure sessions.”

According to research, this is an important update. Before this patch, iPhone users were vulnerable to data theft, which included credit card numbers, user names, and passwords. This was done by hackers who posed as trusted websites, and were then able to inject malware or intercept your communications.

This new update should now validate the authenticity of your connection, by providing the restoration of steps that were missing in the validation process.

If you see a red number one, in the Settings icon on your iPhone desktop, it’s time to update. To install iOS 7.0.6: Tap Settings > to read more about this update tap the link provided on this page > then tap the Install Window at the bottom of the page > read the terms and conditions, and tap Agree if you wish to continue > allow your phone to verify the update > your screen will turn black > your desktop screen will turn white and have a progress bar underneath an apple; wait for the update to finish > your screen will turn black and then white, and another progress bar will appear and then quickly disappear > your desktop will return, and your phone will turn off > you are done . . . for now. At this point, there may be more updates to come.

It is recommended that those who are using iOS7 update immediately to correct this security issue. For those who use OSX, there is still no patch to correct the same problem, so you should be aware that you may be working with an unsecure connection. For more information regarding this major security breach please check Apple’s site:

iPhones and iPads can be purchased locally at the Apple Store – Westfarms Mall, Farmington, CT and your local Best Buy (West Hartford and Enfield are two local options.)

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