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iPhone holder for your baby

The Woogie
The Woogie
Griffin Technology

As we all know kids just love to play with their parents' iPhone. I know my one year old can't wait to get his hands all over my new iPhone 4, which as many of us know, cost a pretty penny. Of course, my one year old is teething and learning the laws of gravity. He cannot wait to chew my phone and drool all over it. He also cannot wait to toss is all over the place.

As I was flipping through my parenting magazine, I found what seems to be a solution. I still want him to be able to play with some of the baby apps, but I also want to protect the phone. While some folks may object to this, the Woogie by Griffin Technology is a "Huggable, squeezeable, kid-friendly audio/video player and case for iPod touch and iPhone" (

I just ordered one, so stay tuned next week for my follow-up article on The Woogie's performance!