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iPhone causing panic at Israel airport

iPhone meltdown
iPhone meltdown

Over the last decade there has been a growing concern about potentially dangerous items that could be carried on to airplanes. We are screened for weapons, liquids and the now even non-working mobile devices. It was none of those items that caused a panic at a Tel-Aviv, Israel airport earlier this week. That was when passengers noticed smoke coming from a young girls carry on bag where her iPhone 5 had burst into a flaming mass of plastic and wiring.

The smoking bag was immediately brought to the attention of the flight crew who quickly made sure all of the passengers were evacuated. Due to that quick work of the flight crew no one was injured from the fire or the ensuing panic. There was a big sigh of relief by both crew and passengers when it was finally discovered that the cause of the smoke was simply the iPhone melting down and the damage was limited to the carry-on bag.

The father of the phone's owner, Yarden Leviovej, told Nova TV (as translated by iClarified): 'My daughter opened her purse, from which we saw the flames and the heat radiating from it”

Smartphones and other mobile devices spontaneously combusting does not happen often but there have been a few recent cases. One previous case was, last month, when a young girl placed her Samsung smartphone under her pillow and was woken up when it burst into flames. Then the was the case last year when Michael Kelly's iPhone burst into flame while it was plugged into a wall charger. In both of this case the company responses was that the fires were due to using third party replacement batteries and adapters.

When you buy any electronic device it is always a good idea to read in manufacturer warnings. Whenever using a third-party replacement part there is the chance that it might not be up to the same standards of the original parts

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