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iPhone catches fire, burns 13-year-old girl out of her pants as class begins

An eighth grade student suffered moderate burns from her iPhone Friday when it burst into flames, catching her pants on fire as she sat down to begin her day at Middle School of the Kennebunks in Kennebunk, Maine. As ANI reported (via Yahoo Finance) Feb. 2, the iPhone seemed to catch fire on its own, emitting a popping sound as it did so. Quick thinking by the students and the teacher most likely saved the girl from serious injury, officials noted.

The young girl had just seated herself in her first class of the day, according to WMTW in Portland, when the iPhone made a popping sound and smoke started coming from the back pocket of her pants. Principal Jeff Rodman said that three girls ran to her aid as her pants caught on fire.

While she ran to a corner and the other girls surrounded her, the York County Coast Star reported, other students ushered the boys from the room and went to get other teachers. The teachers arrived with a blanket and fire extinguishers as the female students helped their classmate out of her pants.

The girl later told her friends that her first instinct had been to "stop, drop, and roll" and simply get out of those burning pants.

And when she did, the iPhone fell to the floor, visibly scorched...

The school was put on a "hold-in-place" -- where students remain in classrooms with teachers -- for 20 minutes while the situation was dealt with.

When first responders arrived, they quickly took the girl to Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford, where she was treated for first- and second-degree burns.

EMS Division Chief Andrew Palmeri said the cell phone "shorted out" when the teen sat down. He urged caution to all who placed their phones in their back pockets, as sitting down on them could crush them, initiating possible similar circumstances.

Palmeri also noted that the state fire marshal was investigating the incident.

“I commend the students, I commend our staff, and the Kennebunk first responders for their immediate response and for the way it was handled,” Principal Rodman said, according to the Coast Star. “It was just a strange thing. A great response by everybody involved.”

Emergency crews noted that Rodman also credited the student’s quick thinking, as well as that of those around her, for preventing any worse burns or injury.

Better an alarming tale than one with a tragic theme, though. At worst the teen will suffer from her burns -- and jokes leaning toward what great lies she must have been telling prior to her iPhone catching her pants on fire...

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