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iphone at mercy of hackers


A customer displays an Apple iPhone 3GS at an Apple store in
Palo Alto, Calif., Tuesday, July 21, 2009.  (AP Photo/Paul

Apple may boast that they are one of the safest  computers and operating systems around, and while there are many issues on why their users do not have to worry about viruses and other things that PC users have to face.  It has recently been discovered that the iphone is not as safe as Apple lovers might want to believe it is.

At the "Black Hat" security conference in Vegas, the company Independent Security Evaluators have discovered that hackers could break into your iphone.  What the hacker does is send the iphone a text message.  The message confuses the phone and while it is confused the hacker is able to get all the phone's sensitive information.  

With the stolen information, the hacker could potentially download a virus onto the iphone.  Company reps at the conference say that they were able to do this with not just US iphones but iphones with other international carriers as well.  Currently AT&T has not been able to comment on the issue, but the Independent Security Evaluators reps said that it is something that could easily be fixed from the carrier's end.  Independent Security Evaluators have also stated that this flaw is not only with the iphone, but they were able to use the same techniques to hack into Google's Android phones as well as phones running Window's mobile

Owning a Blackberry or Nokia never looked so good.

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