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iPhone 6 to be 'one-hand' friendly

The iPhone 6 will have a significantly larger screen that the iPhone 5s does.
The iPhone 6 will have a significantly larger screen that the iPhone 5s does.
Photo courtesy of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

On Friday morning, the site published photos of what appears to be the iPhone 6 casing. The most notable aspect of the casing is that there is barely any space between the screen and the home button. The space underneath the home button has also been decreased. In other words, the screen pretty much takes up most of the phone.

iPhone 5s
LA Gadgets Examiner

Steve Jobs was reportedly against the larger iPhone since he wanted the user to be able to use the phone with one hand. It appears that Apple has found a nice solution to making its upcoming 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones one-hand friendly. Apple is very late to the phablet-sized phone, but they probably wanted to make sure they had a very consumer-friendly item before releasing it.

Apple is holding a media event on September 9 to announce the new iPhones. Many believe that consumers will be able to purchase the iPhone two weeks later, but that the 5.5-inch version may not be released for another month. However, Los Angeles Industry Analyst Paul Mueller tells us that the 5.5-inch iPhone may be released the same day as the 4.7-inch one.

"I don't know where people are getting the information about Apple holding off on the release of the 5.5-inch iPhone. Most people I have talked to say it will be released at the exact same time as the smaller version. Apple would have a lot to lose by not releasing both phones at the same time," Mueller states.

Apple desperately needs the iPhone 6 to be a huge hit. The company used to have a complete stronghold in the smartphone industry, but manufacturers such as Samsung have taken away a lot of Apple's shine. Samsung will actually be releasing the hotly-anticipated Galaxy Note 4 around the same time Apple releases it's two latest phones.

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